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Get to know your Local Collingwood Ontario Real Estate Agent

As your Thornbury and Collingwood Real Estate Agent, my goal is to earn your confidence and represent you with the purchase or sale of your next home by letting you get to know a little more about me.

Doug Linton Broker

I grew up in Tillsonburg and spent my youth working on tobacco farms. My dad was a lawyer who practiced real estate law and I got my introduction to the world of property transactions through him. After graduating high school I attended Carleton University in Ottawa where I studied Criminology and Corrections ... and this was long before the CSI television series! The following 20 years were spent working for various social service organizations primarily in the field of youth counseling, skills training and adult employment counseling. I knew I needed a change in career so I applied all the self-assessment tools that I had administered with clients over the years and ended up at Real Estate Sales! I told myself that there was NO WAY I was going to become a real estate agent! However I interviewed a number of professionals in the industry whom I respect and came to the conclusion that it was the right choice.

I have a very deep connection to the community and its citizens. Primarily due to the active lifestyle I lead, I'm attracted to participating in groups that reflect this focus. I was a member of the Collingwood Parks, Recreation and Culture advisory group for many years and was a board member, and Chair-Person, of the Collingwood Information Centre. More recently I was a founding Director of the Collingwood Dragon Boat and Canoe Club and continue to this day as the Paddle Camp Director where I've been responsible for the administration of our very popular day camp program since 2007. I spend my summers at our naturally occurring, multi-use facility ... the Collingwood Harbour ... messing around in boats!

Recently my passion has been directed at adventure racing. This is a form of endurance outdoor pursuit where competitors mountain bike, trail run and paddle canoes or kayaks over either marked courses or routes that require the use of maps and orienteering skills. It is a real challenge to manage your athletic energy over the course of a day, all while being attentive to the decisions you make regarding your route.

The many hours spent road cycling over the years has provided me an intimate knowledge of the area and its amazing geography. The hiking and trail running I do exposes me to more of the spectacular scenery that exists in our area every time I go out.

Needless to say, I am a huge booster of the area. I love to take clients, who may not know the area very well, on tours through the countryside to show them all that we have to offer. I truly believe that Collingwood and the Blue Mountains is the best place in Ontario to live!